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Welcome to Group T

Group T provides specialised technical mining services on contract to the major diamond, gold, platinum and copper mines in South Africa.

A significant gap in the mining innovative solutions market led to the formation of Group T and its associated companies with the firms credo being based firmly on providing our clients with superior service, high quality product and pioneering solutions. We believe that, by using the combined skills and experience within Group T and its associated companies, our clients will derive the best possible project design, management and implementation and see optimal benefits in costs, time and profitability.

Group T and all its subsidiaries are fully black empowered.

Group T is a leader in:
  • Mechanised Mining
  • Robotic Shotcreting
  • Manufacture of standard and customised mining technology
Core success:
  • Real Empowerment
  • High Levels of Expertise based on a wealth of Experience
  • Contagious Energy and Flexibility
BEE Compliant

The Group T Mining Group (Group T and its subsidiaries) is a BEE compliant mining group (level 4 - Value Added Supplier) which consists primarily of 5 operating companies supplying specialised technical services in contract mining to the major diamond, gold, platinum and copper mines throughout South Africa.

View BEE Certificate here.


Vision and Mission


Group T's vision is to be a truly black empowered market leader and innovator, specialising in fully integrated mining solutions for the global mining and construction industry. We will do this by creating long-term value through full participation in discovery, development and conversion of natural resources and the provision of innovative services and market-focussed solutions.

The mission of Group T is to be a meaningful, responsible and successful participant in the South African mining and minerals industry by;

  • exploiting resources more effectively;
  • offering mutually beneficial solutions to the group, its partners and to its clients; and 
  • generating profits for all on a sustainable basis.

(updated April 2012)

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