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Profile and History

Group T Mining Group is a BEE compliant mining group (level 5 - Value Adding Supplier) which consists primarily of five operating companies supplying specialised technical mining services in contract to the major diamond, gold, platinum and copper mines in South Africa.

Group T has provided mining services (over the last 20 years) to:

  • Rio Tinto (Palabora Mining Company);
  • Harmony;
  • De Beers;
  • AngloGold Ashanti;
  • Gold Fields;
  • Anglo Platinum;
  • Anglo American (Plc).

Projects and Development have been between 8 and 20 years each. The directors and senior management of the Group have extensive experience in project evaluation, mine planning, mining project management, underground mining / construction and civil engineering. In addition, the Group’s technical and professional associates and consultants are all respected and acknowledged experts in their own respective fields with many years of experience gained in mining and other industries.

The Group’s objective is to be a meaningful, responsible and successful participant in the South African mining and minerals industry by exploiting resources more effectively, offering mutually beneficial solutions for the group, its partners and its clients, and generating profits for all on a sustainable basis.

Group Operating Companies

All of the operating companies are equal opportunity employers, drawing trained personnel from a stable labour pool.

The Group has a long record of operational achievement in diamond, gold and copper mines and has recently initiated a successful mechanised mining method in platinum mine. Group T has received awards from De Beers, Palabora and others for its services to the mining industry and has an enviable safety record superior to the industry average.

In addition, Group T manufactures and re-furbishes plant and specialised equipment, including LHD’s, drill rigs, robotic shotcreters and mud sucking pumps.

The operating companies bring experience in mass mining, remote area mobilisation and a civil engineering culture to the underground mining environment with added value benefits for clients.

Executive Team

The Group T founding members, who have a wealth of corporate experience, manage the company.

Abe Mokhele

Abe Mokhele is the Executive Director of the mining contracting company Group T Mining Services, which operates in various mines across South Africa. He also holds directorship positions in various other companies.  Abie started his mining career in 1983 on Rand Mines’ Durban Roodepoort Deep Mine. In 1985 he was promoted to Mine Surveyor. He qualified as a Mining Engineer from the University of Johannesburg (formerly Witwatersrand Technikon) in 1989 and obtained the Mine Managers Certificate of Competency in 1993. 

Between 1991 and 1997, he was a Mining Engineer at De Beers’ Kimberley Consolidated Mines and at Debswana’s Jwaneng Mine in Botswana. He has experience in mine development & production, mine planning & design and drilling & blasting design.

Abe joined Group T Mining in 1997 as a Director of Operations - Gold Division. He was elected Northwest Province Business Man of the year in 2002 for his outstanding contribution to the local economy of the city of Klerksdorp and the upliftment of its community.

Currently, Abe is tasked with new business and project development in South Africa.

Jan Heyneke

Jan Heyneke is an Executive Director of Group T Mining Services. He also holds directorship positions in several other companies. Jan commenced his mining career with De Beers in 1981 as a learner official. He qualified as a Mining Engineer from the University of Johannesburg (formerly Witwatersrand Technicon) in 1987.  He received his Mine Managers Certificate for Gold Mines in 1997.

He joined Group T in 1993 as Contracts Manager  – Base Metal and Diamond Mines.  Jan has led Group T’s transition from a high-risk, labour intensive mining project operator to a new practical, safe and cost effective mechanized mining contractor. In 1998, Jan was part of Group T during the evaluation of the Phalaborwa underground project leading to its approval. He then went on to manage the implementation of the project. Jan currently manages Group T’s projects in Limpopo, Gauteng and the Free State Provinces of South Africa.

Currently, Jan is tasked with the South Africa operations and Equipment divisions of Group T.

Hannes van Staden

Hannes van Staden is also an Executive Director of Group T Mining Services which operates in many mines across South Africa. He holds directorship positions in other companies as well.  Hannes started his career with Hartebeestfontein Gold Mine in 1983 and passed his Mine Managers Certificate in 1997.  

He joined Group T in 1997 as Contracts Manager at De Beers Finsch Mine. In South Africa, Hannes is responsible for all of Group T’s contracts in the Northern Cape.

Hannes’ expertise lies in underground mine design and project evaluation. In 2002, he was involved in the design and feasibility studies that formed the basis for capital appropriation at Finch Mine.

Currently, Hannes is focussed on the improvement of operational efficiencies in all of Group T’s projects. He is also tasked with expanding the company’s mining footprint in Africa. 

Health, Safety and Environmental Statement

The Management of Health, Safety and Enviromental Regulations require employers to appoint ‘one or more competent persons' to help them to meet their duty to control risks at work.

Group T delivers a Health, Safety and Environmental service in-house.  However, as external providers, we deliver an essential service to employers and partners where their own resources are insufficient.

As we operate in remote areas in most of the projects, Group T has access to specialist providers such as: Occupational Health And Safety Practitioners, Engineers, Occupational Hygienists, Occupational Health Professionals (Doctors And Nurses), Ergonomists. These professionals can be made available to clients and utilized to the best interest of the projects at an additional fee.

It is the intension of Group T to manage the project risk, sensibly.  Our teams that consist of competent individuals provide a good quality service and deliver help that is fit for purpose.

Competent assistance is fundamental to manage risks sensibly.  In general, being competent is having:

  •  Relevant knowledge, skills and experience;
  •  The ability to apply these appropriately, while recognizing the limits of your competence; and;
  •  The necessary training to help one to acquire and maintain this.

 Group T adopted a ‘Fit for Purpose’ approach in combating REAL RISK in the workplace. As a provider of health and safety assistance, our services are:

  • Professionalism: based on a correct assessment of the risk; and taking account of any established standards and good practices
  • Tailor Made: directed at the actual circumstances found in the workplace under consideration; based on our knowledge and experience of the particular industry and process by tapping into the knowledge and experience of both the management and workers at the particular workplace.
  • Sensible: concentrating on practical action to control significant risks; not over responding to trivial risks; not pursuing paperwork as an end in itself; and looking to control measures that are reasonably practicable.
  • Competency in Combating Real Risk Are Demonstrated By Quality And Clarity Of Practical Advice, Not By Volume Of Paperwork.

(updated April 2012)

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