Underground Mechanised Development and Stoping Projects|Underground Large Excavations and Silos Construction
Underground Large Excavations and Silos Construction

Over the years Group T has been instrumental in bringing a Civil Engineering mindset to mining in South Africa in both underground and above ground developments. With many years of practical, hands-on experience across a host of different disciplines Group T is able to provide a comprehensive end-to-end approach to mine planning and development - along with the technical expertise and skills necessary to implement projects.

 Group T has expertise in the following areas;

  • Underground Civil Construction (including Roadways, Tips, Dust Plants);
  • Batching Plant Management
  • Mass Void Filling using either aerated cement or high strength concrete
  • Large Underground Excavations
  • Arch Sets/Steel Arch Installations
  • Vent Seals
  • Redundant Shaft reopening and re-accessing
  • Ore Pass Rehabilitation


Project Details:

Anglo Base Metals, Black Mountain - Underground Silos’

Yet another success story through the involvement of Group T with the design, excavating and construction of the Black Mountain underground silo’s.


De Beers, Finsch Mine Crusher Chamber

A project completed and delivered on time with only three dressing cases and no loss time injuries.

(updated April 2012)

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