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Robotic Shotcreting and Total Mine Support Applications

While shotcrete has evolved as a means and method for ground control enhancing safety and speed in a mining environment, so too have the demands for increasingly faster and safer placement. The development of sophisticated equipment for the application of shotcrete has become the rule rather than the exception both in mining and larger excavation projects. These have developed from hand-held devices to larger more effective and safer machines. This has created a whole new specialization – Robotic Shotcreting. We “Supply and Apply”.

Group T has been involved through the evolution of the shotcrete sector, being involved in both shotcrete methods and methodology and also equipment manufacture. As a result Group T is at the leading edge of both practices and the design and manufacture of solutions, including machinery.

(updated April 2012)

Robotic Shotcreting - Key Benefits
The key benefits can be measured and better returns achieved by: Increased production – speed of application Higher quality shotcrete in-situ –...
Key Features of Robotic Shotcrete Technology
Safety – Robotic Shotcrete provides a significantly safer underground working environment. Those working in this environment also feel safer. Better/Enhanced working enviro...
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