Underground Mechanised Development and Stoping Projects|Underground Large Excavations and Silos Construction
Manufacture & Supply of Standard & Customised Mining Plant and Equipment

Group T manufactures and re-furbishes plant and specialised equipment, including LHD’s, drill rigs, robotic shotcreters amongst others. 

Group T has developed expertise in both the manufacturing of custom designed equipment (OEM) along with the operations and maintenance of this equipment by designing, building and operating this equipment across a range of different projects over a long period of time. This expertise is offered to clients wishing to acquire (buy or lease) their own equipment. 

Critical to the successful operation of this equipment is robust design, thorough training and certification and ongoing systematic maintenance. All of these are included in the Group T offering enabling clients to unlock the value within their own operations, in an ongoing partnership with Group T.

(updated April 2012)

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